After the completion of the admission test, every candidate becomes worried about the subject they going to study. This case was not also unusual for me. During the time of subject choosing, everyone needs to be precise. Because this decision will determine the future of a student. So while choosing subjects keep in mind about your interest and capability. Especially, don’t let anyone choose your future for you.

Besides, today I am going to go over Top 10 Demanding Subject in Bangladesh

01. Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)

Computer science and engineering (CSE) is an academic program at many universities It has sub-field of Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering. Nowadays the world is becoming computer-based. In Every University, Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) courses in the undergraduate programs are designed to give students the basic knowledge & comprehensive academic training on both the fundamental and advanced aspects. In most of the universities, the CSE department has 4years undergraduate course. It focuses both on software and hardware. Especially, in recent days we mostly depend on software, apps & computer-based functions. These staffs are designed and controlled by engineers of CSE.

02. Marketing and Human Resource Management

Marketing and Human Resource Management are also improvising as the most influential subjects. Because the Principles of Marketing and Concepts of Market Analysis create a market influence over the consumers to buy a product or service of a company. It’s such a subject where an individual has to be expressive and must have an influential presenting skill. On the other hand, Human Resource Management deals with the employees and labors of the organization. The human resource professionals could work in all areas or be labor-relations representatives working with unionized employees. Still, both seem to require an influential perspective and the subjects seem to be as equally demanding as the other. Marketing and Human Resource Management generally is a 4 year based undergraduate program.

03. Accounting & Finance

Accounting & Finance is an undergraduate commerce course. Accounting & Finance is usually a 4 academic year based undergraduate course. This degree is important because we will be aware of the country’s financial state. Accounting& Finance is a part of recording, analyzing & outlining money, transactions & events. A graduate student from this department can have a job as Chartered accountant, Compliance officer, Corporate investment banker, Financial adviser, Financial manager, Financial trader, Investment analyst, Operational investment banker, Retail Banker, Stockbroker, Insurance account manager, Insurance broker, Senior tax professional/tax inspector, Tax Accountant, Tax adviser and so on.

04. EEE

Electrical & Electronics Engineering is a flourishing and one of the most desired subjects in the field of engineering study. EEE consists of electrical engineering and electronics engineering. Electrical & Electronics Engineering generally is a 4 year based undergraduate program. This subject is commenced by electrical engineering. It can be continued in miscellaneous forms like solar, hydro, gas, turbine, fuel cell, wind or geothermal energy. EEE Engineers mainly give attention on the analysis, design, development & manufacture of Mechatronics technologies, electrical equipment, electronic devices, automation and control systems. Besides, there are so many opportunities for a job in the Construction sector, Steel, Motors & so on.

05. Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is an engineering subject which deals with the design & construction of roads, bridges, canals, airports, sewerage systems, and railways etc. Civil engineering is affably the oldest engineering subject. Especially, Civil Engineering generally is a 4 year based undergraduate program. Civil engineering is an appealing profession because at the end of the day you can see the outcome of your work. Even if it is a subway station, a completed bridge, a high-rise building or a hydroelectric dam. Furthermore, a graduate can have jobs like Building control surveyor, CAD technician, Consulting civil engineer, Contracting civil engineer, Design engineer, Nuclear engineer, Site engineer, Structural engineer, Water engineer, Building services engineer, Construction manager, Engineering Geologist, Environmental consultant, Geotechnical engineer, Patent attorney, Quantity surveyor, Sustainability consultant, Urban designer as a civil engineer.

06. Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm)

Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm) is an undergraduate degree course in the field of Pharmacy education. The students who are interested in the medical field but don’t want to be a doctor can choose this subject after completing the admission test in university. Bachelor of Pharmacy generally is a 4 year based undergraduate program. After graduation, the students can easily practice as a Pharmacist. Pharmacists get the chance to work in industries related to the prescription, synthesize & provision of medicines. Bachelor of Pharmacy is popular among science students because of the job sectors. In this subject, the students get to know about the Pharmaceutical Engineering, Drugs and Medicines, Medicinal Chemistry etc. This subject provides a large number of job opportunities in both the Government and Non-Government sectors to the graduates.

07. Architecture

Architecture is a design and structure based subject. An architect has expertise in physics, mathematics and designing buildings. Architects are not engineers, even architecture is not an engineering subject. Nevertheless, In Bangladesh Architecture department takes 5 years to complete its courses. Architects are a unique mixture of creativity and practicality. Therefore, Graduates from the architecture department can be a CAD technician, Construction Manager, Landscape Architect, Building designer, Interior decorator etc.

08. Economics

Economics is a social science subject which studies on manufacture, circulation, and expenditure of goods and services. Microeconomics focuses on basic topics of economics. Macroeconomics considers the entire economy and problems affecting it. Economics work by efficiency and satisfying the needs of every individual. And the relevant terms of economics take us to “Micro-Economics” and “Macro-Economics.” Microeconomics discuss the internal economic activity or terms whereas macroeconomics discuss the overall economic function. This subject generally is a 4 year based undergraduate program. This profound subject has a deep root as it is applied in many fields i.e. family, law, politics, education, religion, social institutions, war, science, environment and even in crime. The undergraduate degree in this subject leads to a Bachelor of Social Science.

09. Sociology

This subject discusses the Medical Sociology to the Development of Theoretical Perspectives in Sociology. This subject took its in-depth discussion ranging from Terrorism, Conflict to Urban perspectives and Stratification Participatory Development programs are mostly seen to be initiated. Sociology generally is a 4 year based undergraduate program.

10. Environmental Science

Environmental science is from science background that integrates physical, biological and information sciences. This subject’s focal point is nature. Micro living things to macro living things all are considered under this subject. It takes 4 years to complete the full graduation on this subject. Environmental scientists work on the understanding of reusing of alternative energy systems, control of pollution, earth processes and management of natural resource and the greenhouse effect etc. After graduation students get opportunities to work as environmentalists, Environmental scientists, Hydrologist, Zoologist & Environmental lawyer etc.


Rumors and rumors all around us! Why am I saying this? It is because it will confuse you or will put you in a dilemma right when you need to make a decision. So, put those aside. Choose what’s yours! How will you know? Guess what; see where the subject leads you. There are many alumni from every subject mentioned above. See in which fields they are working in. As the end should be where you want to be!

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