Bangladesh is considered as one of the largest market places in South Asia. And nowadays entrepreneurs have taken startup as a great medium of earning. That’s how startups have become an important part of our daily life.

We often use Startups to save time from busy schedules. And startups also never disappoint us, rather take care of our essential needs and make our life easier. Here we’re talking about the most popular startups of Bangladesh in recent days.

Top 10 Startups in Bangladesh

1# Pathao

Pathao started its journey on 9th October 2015. Still, it has rapidly gained popularity. Now, Pathao is the most used platform for sharing rides in Bangladesh. Also, they have introduced their food and parcel delivery services. These have made their way easier to connect to the mass people.

People seek Pathao’s help regarding e-commerce business too. Pathao is active in three popular cities of Bangladesh – Dhaka, Chittagong, and Sylhet. They have recently made an expansion in Nepal. This startup has employed more than 500 people in the company.

2# bKash

bKash is the most popular financial service in Bangladesh. It’s a joint section of Brac Bank Ltd. It was launched in 2011. People can not only transfer money but also can recharge their mobile through bKash. bKash has enabled people to do transactions or paying bills from different sectors by sitting at home.

In 2017, “Fortune Magazine” said that bKash is one of those companies which have changed the world into a better place. Statistics show that about 22% of adult people of Bangladesh use bKash.

3# Shohoz

People mainly use Shohoz for booking online tickets. The Motto of Shohoz is “For all the people”. It provides both transport tickets and event tickets. The website of Shohoz shows that they already have served more than 1.5 crore people of Bangladesh.

Just like Pathao, Shohoz also provides food and vehicles service throughout the country. Shohoz has got a partnership with popular platforms like Grameenphone. You can easily get served by Shohoz once you install their app on your phone or you visit their website to order something.

4# Gaze Technology

Gaze Technology mainly works for learning about machines. It’s the most popular artificial intelligence startup in Bangladesh. They provide services like real-time tracking, face recognition, vehicle recognition, object detection, etc. Also, they work for making CCTV Cameras more effective. But most of their projects run for making buildings more safe.

The AI startup even focuses on lessening the number of crimes in Bangladesh. They have been famous for working with Dhaka Metropolitan Police lately. The team says that they have aims to make Bangladesh safer and smarter.

5# Daraz

Daraz is a popular online marketplace of Bangladesh. Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. own Daraz. Many people consider Daraz as the most popular online shopping store in Bangladesh. Daraz is active in South and South-East parts of Asia by covering areas in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Myanmar.

It started a journey in 2012. In the same year, their app was launched to make it more useful. Anyone can buy clothes, beauty products, household goods, groceries or electronics from Daraz at a cheaper rate with much ease.

6# is a very popular startup in Bangladesh. In fact, it’s one of the largest marketplaces in Bangladesh. Their customers get benefitted from every single sector of daily life. offers gadget repairing, home renovation or home shifting services, electronical services, beauty salon, laundry services, sanitary items, car drivers, pest control services, etc.

GP Accelerator Programme had offered many startups to graduate, became one of the graduates there. You can visit their sites or download their app and then order anything by sitting at home.

7# Chaldal

The Chaldal is mainly an online grocery shop, which was founded in 2013. It has lately gained much popularity in Bangladesh. The name mainly reveals that you can obviously buy rice and lentils from this online shop.

But besides these, you will get many other groceries there. You can buy meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, snacks, etc. from there. Moreover, you’ll also get baby products and dairy products in Chaldal. If you order products from there, they’ll try to deliver the products as soon as possible, most possibly in one hour.

8# Shopup

The shopup is an advisor startup that was launched in 2016 to give solutions to Facebook Entrepreneurs. This startup helps the entrepreneurs to organize more sensibly and also teaches affordable financing. It has made people believe to start a business at any age.

It’s a blessing for all those who think it impossible to successfully run a small business. Facebook Entrepreneurs get many kinds of benefits from Shopup. They can advertise or promote things, sell products and communicate with customers from any corner of the world through Shop.

9# Repto

Repton is a well-known online educational site in Bangladesh. Many people consider it as another form of “Udemy”. They offer online courses, trainings, and classes for the betterment of networking ideas. By registering in Repto, you’ll be able to develop your skills from the best instructors of Bangladesh.

By seeing the videos of Repto instructors, you’ll be easily educated. Repto offers both free and paid courses for the students. It enables students to do courses in entrepreneurship, database, programming, graphic designing, digital marketing, photography, etc. subjects.

10# Food Panda

Food Panda is the most popular food delivery shop of Bangladesh. It was first founded in Germany, in 2012. Later, Food Panda spread it’s branches in many other countries including Bangladesh. You can order your favorite foods from different restaurants through Food Panda.

Their free delivery service has recently added more to their popularity. Food Panda delivers foods within a very short period after one orders. Their mobile application keeps customers updated about the location of the rider. The authority always want reviews from the customers to improve their service quality.


Startups have been a part and parcel or our daily lives now. It’ll be very useful for us if you share your experiences with using startups. Thank you for reading this article.

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