After we pass the HSC exam we put a huge effort to get ourselves admitted into a good university. There are very limited amount of seat in public universities. So usually if we don’t get the chance to study any of the desired public university then we look towards the options we have in the private universities. Today we will be looking at the Top 10 Private University in Bangladesh.

List of Top 10 Private University in Bangladesh

1. BRAC University

BRAC University was founded by BRAC organization in 2001 and it is considered one of the best private university right now. It is located in Mohakhali, Dhaka. This private university has a large range of subjects to choose from. Although it is a touch expensive to study here but you will get what you pay for. It is acknowledged by IEB and many other universities around the world. It quickly built a solid reputation and now it is the 1st choice among the students who want to read in a private university. The one unique feature that only BRAC has is that it will take you to its Savar campus to do one 3 months semester. It will be more like an adventure for sure.

2. North South University

It is the 1st private university that was established in Bangladesh. It is situated in Bashundhara residential area, Dhaka. I must mention NSU has one of the best campus amongst all the private universities of Bangladesh. It is gorgeous with full of facilities. North South University is among the best private university because of its academic success. This private university is accredited by IEB, UGC and many more universities around the world. Around 25000 students study here. It is very known for Its BBA department but you can choose from many other subjects. North South Universities tuition fees are among the highest compared to other private universities.

3. Independent University of Bangladesh

Independent University of Bangladesh shortly known as IUB was established in 1993 making it one of the 1st private university in Bangladesh. There are more than 7500 undergraduate students reading in IUB currently. It is also located In Bashundhara R/A like NSU and has a beautiful Campus. This private university has very renowned faculties and it is also accredited by IEB. It offers students a variety of scholarships hence this private university is very famous among the students.

4. East West University

East West University also knows as EWU is situated in Aftabnagar, Dhaka. EWU was established in 1996. This private university has a very nice campus as well as amazing faculties. EWU offers students scholarships and has a variety of subjects to choose from that is why it is among one of the top private university students want to get admitted to. Currently, this university has more than ten thousand students. You can complete both undergraduate and postgraduate here.

5. Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology

Also known as AUST is established in the year of 1995. AUST is very famous for its engineering departments. It has a very beautiful campus situated in Tejgaon industrial area which is in the center of Dhaka. It is considered as the BUET of private universities. You have to get GPA 5 just to apply in AUST. They have the best faculties in the engineering departments.

6. American International University of Bangladesh

American International University of Bangladesh was established in 1994 and it is one of the most renowned private university of Bangladesh. Also known as AIUB it is very known for its engineering departments. AIUB also offers various degree program at graduate and undergraduate level. Its permanent campus is located in Bashundhara R/A. AIUB is also known for its extra-curricular activities. American International University of Bangladesh is one the very few University of Bangladesh who participated in the highest level of ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest in 2001. AIUB is member of some prestigious bodies like IEB, UGC, IAB etc.

7. United International University

United international university is also known as UIU is located in Madani Avenue, Satarkul, Dhaka. UIU is a newly established university if you compare it with some of the other universities on the list. It was established in 2003. It was located in Dhanmondi, Dhaka just a few years back but now it is moved to its permanent campus. This private university has grown tremendously over the years. From a newly established university now it is one of the most desired university that students want themselves get admitted into. Their permanent campus is amazing with a huge field right in front where a student can relax and play sports of various kind. It is known for its BBA and engineering faculties. It provides a huge variety of scholarship who has a good CGPA score so it helps and encourages students to get good academic scores.

8. University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh

University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh also known as ULAB is located in Dhanmondi. ULAB was established in 2002. If you are living in old Dhaka, Mohammadpur, Dhanmondi than ULAB is the go to university because it will not give you any traveling hustle. ULAB is well known for its BBA and Media Journalism departments. It offers students many scholarship opportunities where students can get up to 100% scholarship.

9. Daffodil International University

Daffodil groups founded Daffodil International University in 2002. DIU is situated in Dhanmondi, Dhaka. It also has a permanent campus is Ashulia. Its parament campus is one of the biggest with almost 150 acres of land which contains playing field, basketball ground, golf court, swimming pool, hostel etc. Recent up to date facilities and very good teaching method makes it one the leading private university in Bangladesh.

10. University of Asia Pasific

Commonly known as UAP is established in 1996. UAP has a beautiful and spacious campus in Farmgate, Dhaka. UAP offers various kinds of subjects to study in but they are known for their pharmaceutical department. Normally UAP tend to push their students really hard to achieve their CGPA hence only the best students come out of the university as graduates.


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