The real estate business of Bangladesh goes back from the old 70’s period. The top real estates structured present Bangladesh that we are seeing right now from the core. Bangladesh immensely depending on Real Estate Companies. These Real Estate Companies didn’t build in a day.

Now a question might arise that what the Real Estate Companies do. Real Estate Companies mainly buy and sell ground, apartment, home, shop, office. Nowadays this is the prominent business. Today I am going to give a review on “Top 10 Real Estate Companies in Bangladesh”

List of Top 10 Real Estate Companies in Bangladesh

1. Concord Real Estate Ltd.

Concord is the leading real estate company among Top 10 Real Estate Companies in Bangladesh. They completed over a thousand and two hundred projects which are well known for the creative structure, quality, and interior designs.

The company has been adding projects under its name since 1973. The National Monument, Hazrat Shahzalal International Airport, VVIP Terminal Building, and the Bangladesh Shilpa Bank building are all the iconic structures and this development company constructed all of these. This development company constructed the “World Trade Centre” in Chittagong.

2. Navana Real Estate Ltd.

Navana Real Estate is seemed to be a sister company of Navana Group which turned out to be a “Super Brand” later on. That is, Navana Real Estate Ltd. Is now one of the leading real estate company in the present market. Their feature is to be different.

Navana Real estate is completing more than hundreds of projects in the capital Dhaka and the port city Chittagong. The motto of the company “Different, Definitive and Dependable” which are the three core concepts of their real estate business. The metropolis buyers are seemed to be satisfied with the way they serve.

3. Bashundhara Real Estate Ltd.

Bashundhara Group started its journey as the real estate venture. The group’s first concern started as the East-West Development Ltd. Slowly they captured the trust of the people. And now they went to be one of the leading real estate group.

“Bashundhara” is giving the urban people developmented lifestyle. Their mission statement “For the people, for the country” came out to play a huge role from the first.

4. Sheltech

One of the pioneers of real estate business in Bangladesh seems to be focused in the Dhaka region. The developer company seemed to complete its projects in Dhanmondi, Banani, New Eskaton, North Badda, Shiddeswari, Chamelibag and many more places around the Dhaka city. It has completed more than 160 projects.

The team said to be comprised of three hundred professionals, engineers, and architects chosen by their expertise talent and skill. A well-trained force of three thousand workers is also working on various projects.

Their commitment and focus are ensured by such a professional working force and management team. It has achieved the ISO 9001:2015 certificate which is the international standard for quality management.

5. Sanmar Properties Ltd.

Sanmar embraces with the mission statement “Live in excellence” The company successfully pulled out many real estate plans in Chittagong and Dhaka. Their most notable ongoing residential projects is Sanmar Green Park and Sanmar Sky Tower.

The notable commercial project is the Sanmar Ocean City. Sanmar Properties Ltd. is moving forward with the vision of becoming the finest lifestyle developer of Bangladesh.


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6. Building Technologies and Ideas Ltd. (BTI)

The first ever real estate company to launch “The Platinum” i.e. smart living concepts. BTI Ltd. reaches to its customer by valuing their benefits and desires through an interactive online ground.

The creative real estate company got awarded the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standard, the first real estate company to get these international awards. This company is one of the founding members of REHAB. The company seemed to extend its business in Dhaka, Chittagong and Camilla regions and moving forward for further advancement.

7. Assurance Developments Ltd.

The company was formed in 2003. It completed many exclusive projects in the heart of the capital city Dhaka. It has the aim of being the leader of the leaders. Assurance Developments is the sister concern of the ASSURANCE MONI Group.

The company helps you to create your dream home the way you want. Maintaining the quality of structures, using high-end engineering, using the techs required for constructing a safe structure, all are done in a precise manner and passionately.

8.South Breeze

The luxury in real estate is seemed to be shown off much by this company. And indeed they provide those in style. The artistic glorification is seen in every structure they create. The high-class residential areas seemed to have their touch every way.

This developer company targeted the areas like Gulshan, Dhanmondi, Banani and many more. The ongoing projects seemed to have a modern class innovative lifestyle structure like the indoor gymnasium, rooftop swimming pool, etc.

9. Epic Properties Ltd.

Epic Properties Ltd. is seemed to be working as the port City-based real estate business. Most of their projects are being pulled out there. The real estate company operates with a highly experienced team of engineers with a track record of more than 13 years.

Accountability, openness, and transparency in their projects are attracting and keeping the customers more and more. The real estate is operating with a mission of pulling out their projects that will be shown as true icons and references for the creative solution in the development sector.

10. Equity Property Management Ltd.

This is on the 10th place among Top 10 Real Estate Companies in Bangladesh. The development company built Premium, Luxury and Aristocratic apartments with the essence of elegance. The developer company carefully uses the material as they are a concern with the environment. That is the company uses environment-friendly materials and has goodwill for on-time project delivery.

The company started its journey with the mission statement “To provide quality products at a reasonable cost within a definite time for the satisfaction of customers through professional experience.” The company completed over 54 projects,1103 homes, and 65541 sq. ft. of commercial spaces.

The company is continuing to bring ten more projects into reality providing hundred and ninety-one homes with one lac sq. ft. of commercial spaces. The developer company launched an “Equity Ground Engineering” theme in that will be used in all of their projects including “Hydraulic Static Pile Driver” for eco-friendly usage.


Real State Companies are growing in Bangladesh day by day. Hope You like the article about Top 10 Real Estate Companies in Bangladesh. thanks.

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